Fauxdori, day two

I discovered that I really, really hate the Midori brand refill paper.  I went to the local Books-A-Million to see if they had any pocket-sized Moleskine Volants, with the intention of taking them to Office Depot afterwards to have the bottom inch of the Volants cut off so I’d have fauxdori-sized notebooks that I liked better.  I hate BAM, but they’re the only bookstore in town.  They had lots of classic Moleskines but the only Volants were the extra-smalls.  They had some other small notebooks on sale, Miro utility notebooks and Piccadilly memo books.  I got one two-pack of each (on clearance for $3) to try out.  Hated them both.  Went to Office Depot to see how the cutting-down procedure went and the pricing.  I got the four notebooks chopped down for $0.81 and two minutes of my time.  Still didn’t like them, though.

I decided late last night to try cutting down two of my Moleskine Cahiers, since I wasn’t using them anyway.  I used kitchen shears, and the result was a ragged mess.

Fauxdori with jagged Cahier edges. Accidental effect, but I love it.

The weird thing is that I really like the way the ragged edges look.  Maybe I’m odd, and I will be getting the Volants I ordered cut down at Office Depot to use when I fill up the Cahiers, but I really love the torn up edging on these.  They give them character.

Book #1 is to-do lists and notes.  I have my daily appointments-and-tasks layout on the right page, and on the left page I have a Post-It note (one of the kind that’s sticky all over, so it doesn’t fall out) of tasks I need to do that aren’t date-specific.  That way I’m not having to re-copy tasks from one date to the next.  I can just move the sticky note every day until all the tasks on it are done and I start a new one.  I’d take a picture of my current daily page but it’s got some personal stuff on it I don’t want to share.

Book #2 is my attempt at journaling in my fauxdori.  I love the idea of being able to journal in my little book in addition to the planning stuff, but I’m not sure how well that’s going to go.  I tend to get paranoid easily, and there are some detachable pages in the Cahiers.  I’m worried that when the notebook has been filled and put aside it will lose some pages.  But I thought of a solution.  I have an iOS app called Turbo Scan that will let me take pictures and merge them into a PDF document.  The Cahiers are small enough that, when I finish a notebook, I can just turn it into a PDF and back it up into Dropbox.  Ta-dum!  No information loss.  I want to do that with my old journals, actually.  I should start on that, a few pages at a time, whenever I have a few minutes.  I would love to have “scans” of twenty years’ worth of journals.

So anyway, I’m digging my fauxdori.  The leather is a bit slicker than the official Midori covers, but I like that.  It means I can put it in and take it out of my front pants pocket without any friction. My wallet is quite thin, so it doesn’t cause a huge bulge.  It’s nice.  I did order a clip for my Kaweco Sport, because it’s turned out to be a great pocket pen and I want to clip it to the fauxdori closure elastic.  It needs a clip anyway, and the clips are only $3.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at with my new toy.  I mean notebook.  Heh.


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