Kaweco zombie, arise!

I decided to play with pocket pens this evening.  I was dreading flushing my long-dried-out Kaweco Sport Ice (red, EF nib), so I took out my never-used JetPens Chibi fountain pen.  It’s a cute little bright yellow thing that costs less than $3.  I’d never used it.  It came with a cartridge of Kaweco Pearl Black.  I snapped in the cartridge and tried writing with it.  It’s surprisingly nice for such a little thing, and puts down a much finer line than my Pilot Petit1 even though both are classified as F nibs.  I rather like it, but I’m not fond of the ink color.  It looks exactly like I was writing with a 0.7mm pencil lead or woodcase pencil.  Novel, but not something I really want to write with..

So I flushed the Kaweco and wrote three pages in my journal with it.  It’s a nice writer.  I have a Kaweco purple cartridge in it right now.  If that dries out, I have some cartridges of Private Reserve on the way from Goulet — Ebony Purple and Ebony Blue.  If one of them doesn’t keep the Kaweco nib wet, I’m going to give the pen to someone who can maybe get it working right.  I wanted the PR inks anyway so I had something other than Pearl Black for the Chibi.  But the Kaweco did wonderfully in my journal, and my hand didn’t ache after, so I’m hoping I can make it more reliable.  Lots of people swear by the Sport as a pocket pen, and they’re supposed to be incredibly dependable.  Maybe mine will be, too, with a little TLC.

Speaking of things drying up, I finally figured out what was squeaking on my spinning wheel and gave it the oiling it needed.  So I’m back to spinning quietly.  Many thanks to the Naiad for helping me figure out where the squeak was coming from.  It’s hard to stick my head down low enough to tell when I’m treadling, so I needed assistance!  Basically, there is a part of the wheel the manual didn’t tell me to lubricate.  Now it’s lubricated.  Yay for machine oil!

I have some finished BFL I need to skein and post pictures of.  Maybe I’ll do that in the morning…

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