How to make a notebook Quiver out of duck tape

Someone on a forum I’m on said that she wanted to buy a Quiver for her Moleskine.  A Quiver (the name brand) is a leather pen holder with an elastic band on the back so it can be put on the front on a notebook.  I just thought of a way to make one with duck tape.

Materials: duck tape, scissors, and a loop of elastic big enough to stretch around the cover of your notebook.  You want the band to only have to stretch a little bit, enough to hold it on.

1) Cut two identical pieces of tape long enough to loop around the notebook cover, but they needs to be about 3″ shorter than the circumference of the cover.

2) Put the two pieces of tape together, sticky side in, with the elastic in the middle.  The duck tape needs to be flat.  You’re forming a loop that has duck tape around most (but not all!) of the elastic.

3) Cut two identical pieces, 1″ shorter than the notebook height (or 1″ shorter than your pen, whichever).

4) Put the sticky sides together so you have one two-sided piece.

5) Lay two-sided tape lengthwise over center of longer tape. Put your pens in the middle to make sure you have enough from for them.

6) Tape with a fresh sideways piece over the quiver front and around the back of the longer piece.  You may need to cut some of the tape here to make it look nice.

You’re done!  Slip the loop on your notebook cover, pens facing out.  Duck tape comes in enough pretty colors/patterns that you can make it look however you want.

I haven’t tried this yet.  If you try it and it works, let me know.  If it doesn’t, let me know that too.  I’m curious.

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