It’s official, I’m old.

Went to the doctor today.  I have bursitis in my right hip.  Guess this means I’m officially middle-aged.  (I’ll be 39 next month.)  But I would like to point out that this started when I was having to drive my MIL’s extremely uncomfortable car for 3 hours at a stretch, multiple days a week, when ferrying the Naiad to and from Orlando. Not the Naiad’s fault, mind. MIL’s the one who picked the severe mileage restriction on my car’s lease, which means I’m not allowed to do road trips in it.  Also, she chose for herself the most uncomfortable car I’ve ever driven, a Hyundai Tucson.  (Not only are the seats horrible, but the car sways so much at higher speeds that multiple people have vomited after riding on the freeway in it.  I hate it.)

ANYWAY.  While at the doc’s, I worked on my Hitchhiker in the “Purple Pansy” colorway I spun.  I had a lot of time to work on it, as we were there for three hours…

Purple Pansy Hitchhiker scarf from handspun, progress

Pretty, yes?  Spinning this made me happy, and now knitting it is making me happy too.  I think I’m going to give it to Awesome Niece, who unlike most teenagers actually enjoys and wears handmade stuff.  And loves purple.  She has good taste.

2 thoughts on “It’s official, I’m old.

  1. jenyjenny

    Nope, sorry, not old at 39 ;) –true that the car you drive can influence your pain and stiffness. My husband spent $500 on a chiropractor because of hip and back pain, and the Dr asked to see his car, then said to him “Get a different car!” Maybe you can tweak the angle that your body forms when you are riding in it? Anyway, nice, beautiful yarn!


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