More color-coding experiments, and a crap day

When I was getting tomorrow’s daily NABJ (not a bullet journal) page ready I realized that instead of taking up space with @context labels, I could color-code by context and then put symbols in for priority.  So I’m trying that.  Pink for phone, light blue for errands, purple for computer, and blue-black for home (since those are the colors in my Coleto for my calendar already).  Oh, and the blue-black is now being used for appointments and not just labels, starting today, because my MIL has a few doctor’s appointments coming up that she needs me to go with her for.

No picture today, because a) I feel lazy, and b) I’m embarrassed to show that some of tomorrow’s tasks look suspiciously like today’s tasks.  Which leads to a great segue, which is:

I was not in the best shape today.  I was up until 4am.  I just couldn’t get to sleep.  And then I set my alarm for nine this morning so I could get ready for a 10:30 visit to the GP’s office.  I vaguely remember getting up at 8:30 when the Naiad woke up, and then I remember waking up on the couch (sitting upright, under a blanket) at one in the afternoon.  I really crashed, apparently.  During the time I was asleep I rescheduled the GP appointment.  I know this because I changed my calendar, and I’ve been told I made the phone call with V&N in the room.  I have no memory of it.  At all.

I’ll put the rest of the day under a cut, because it’s about feeling morose and is pretty dull reading.  (Posting it for me, so I have a record of it.)  But I’ll share positive things now that I’ve written out the whiny parts: I got a ton of kitty snuggles, my fauxdori shipped today, and I had a nice time talking to my MIL at dinner.  So today hasn’t totally sucked.  And I feel better for thinking of positive things.  So I’m going to go pet a kitty and get some weaving done.  And smile more!

When I got up at one I couldn’t take a shower and get dressed because of stuff going on with other members of the household.  It was 3:30 before I was clean and awake, and I managed to miss going to a science exhibit about bats with my MIL that she’d been wanting to go to.  She’s been asking for weeks, and today was the last day she had free time before the exhibit closed.  I felt like an asshole.  It didn’t help that I didn’t take my morning meds until 3:45.  Which means that I’ve been tied up in knots all evening because my brain chemistry doesn’t like changes in the schedule.

So yeah, today’s been crap.  I didn’t get anything done except schedule a dentist appointment.  Oh, wait, I got Subway.  Speaking of which, I had no appetite today.  I had a protein shake for breakfast.  When I picked up the sandwiches at 4:00 I figured I should eat something, even though I wasn’t hungry.  And you know what? I shouldn’t have eaten.  I felt awful afterward.  Bloated and gross and whiny.

Around 5:30 I went to lay down in the bedroom, and the Naiad stood up on the bed to get out of the way.  She got whacked in the bed by the ceiling fan and bled everywhere.  So she’s been laying down recovering, and the Valkyrie has been in a lot of pain, so once again I’m alone for the evening.  Oh well.  I’ll spin or something.

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