Hybrid GTD/Bullet Journal thing

I’ve not had anything pressing to do this evening, so I’ve been looking around for the best way to keep track of my tasks and appointments.  I think I’ve figured out something worth trying.

I like the Bullet Journal idea of keeping everything together on one page.  But I love the GTD way of dividing Next Actions by context.  So I decided to try this with a Moleskine Cahier:

Not quite a bullet journal

I’m planning to put this Cahier into my fauxdori when it shows up.  Date at the top, then appointments (normally not more than 2-3 a day), then to-do items by context, then notes at the bottom and continuing onto the following page(s) as needed.  I will continue to use a weekly printed calendar to give an at-a-glance for appointments and events, but I want to start doing this daily page every night before bed.

As I’ve mentioned before, I use a Pilot Coleto multi-pen for my planner.  It’s become an integral part of my system, regardless of how I format my days or weeks.  I have a 3-color one and a 4-color one.  The 4-color is the one kept in the pen loop.

Purple: On the calendar, it’s my appointments.  On the to-do lists, that’s “if I have time” actions.
Pink: Calendar is the Valkyrie’s appointments.  To-do list is “urgent” actions.
Light blue: Calendar is the Naiad’s appointments.  To-do list is the “not urgent but do it today” actions.
Blue-black: for labels and notes.

The 3-color Coleto lives in my pen case, and is used just for marking the weekly calendar.  It doesn’t get used daily like the 4-color does.

Green: finance related (like the date a bill is due).
Brown: school dates (no reason, I just like brown).
Red: really important dates.  (I think; I haven’t actually used it for that yet. I may swap it for a pencil insert.)

If I had to pick up a different pen for every color, I’d never color-code anything.  But the Coletos makes it easy.  I love them.

So my fauxdori will have the Not-a-Bullet cahier, a Midori weekly calendar, and something to journal in.  Haven’t decided what yet…

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