Fauxdori ideas

You’ve probably heard (if you’re a stationery nerd) about the Midori Traveler notebook.  Lots of people make “fauxdori” books, in the Midori style that fit Midori refills.  There’s a “passport” size that’ll fit notebooks around 3×5″.

My Moleskine planner is not working out so well.  The calendar pages are okay, but there’s no room to spread out and take notes, or make lists. Currently I have a Cahier strapped into the front of the planner with an elastic hair tie, but it’s hurting the binding.

You see where this is going, don’t you?

There are people on Etsy selling inexpensive fauxdoris.  Who have sales.  On purple covers.  I’m putting in a weekly planner refill and a Cahier, which I already own.  Down the road I may try a Rhodia staplebound or an Apica cd5 or something, but there’s no point in spending the money until I see what I think.  When it comes in I’ll share my thoughts and see how well it works out.

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