Let’s talk pens.

People who’ve known me for a long time know that I am a serious pen geek.  The level of my geekery waxes and wanes, although I always have a few good pens handy because I journal and for just note-taking and stuff. I prefer fountain pens, although they’re not good for every situation. Like, the pen I keep in my front pocket when I go out is the Fisher Space Pen I got from the Valkyrie for Giftmas. Fountain pens generally don’t write well on slick receipt paper, so the Fisher is a better choice for that.

But fountain pens make me happy. I was a collector for a while, albeit on a very modest scale. I have way too many Lamy Al-Stars, because around 2007 I wanted to own one in every color available at the time. And then I got a really good deal on a used Pilot Vanishing Point, and I loved that pen the most. For my readers not into pens, the VP is a retractable FPN and is a classy but durable pen that feels wonderful to use.

I started to get back into pens about the time the Naiad and I met, and having someone to share my pen addiction with has been great. It’s also made it worse. I’ve dusted off some of my older pens, and I’ve been enjoying the Pilot Metropolis I got for Giftmas from my mom.

Yesterday I got an early birthday present in the mail: a used Pilot Decimo. These normally go for $250 new. Closely watching eBay can net one for about $100. Mine is violet with rhodium trim. It has an EF nib. I like pens with very fine nibs/points, and the Decimo EF is extremely fine but still writes smoothly. The Decimo and the Vanishing Point are essentially the same pen, but the Decimo body is slightly smaller. Same design, though, and same innards. I need to get an EF nib for my VP now. I love it, really love it.

I’ve been keeping paper journals for a couple of decades now, and last night I was debating whether to keep my new journal, the one I started on New Year’s Day, in one color or multiple shades. I’d started it with purple, and I put purple in the Decimo, but I also inked a Lamy Al-Star with green and kinda wanted to use other colors in the journal. More chaotic, but I think I like that better for now. I think the Decimo will stay purple, the VP will get green once I get an EF nib, and the other pens will be on rotation for other colors. I do love purple and green together, and those pens are my two best writers.

I’m still using the Pilot Coleto gel multi-pen for my planner, and a blue-black Pilot Frixion (erasable gel ink pen) for my math practice. My preferred pencil, on the rare occasions I use on, is a Uni Kuru Toga. All from JetPens. They’re my favorite source for non-fountain pens.

Since I’m rotating journal pen colors, I’ve put a few pens in my Teffa pencil case along with the journal itself (a pocket Leuchtturm 1917). I don’t know if I’ll maintain my little kit, but it works for now.

Writing this has made me want to play with my Decimo more. Let’s see how easy it is to journal with Eris on my lap!

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