Being face blind

I’m face blind. Bad enough that I’ve sometimes not been able to recognize an actor in a movie from one camera angle to the next in the same scene. Like, the end of the second Hunger Games movie. (spoilers) When Katniss shoots the arrow into the dome, she is then picked up by the hover lift thing and the shot is from above looking down straight onto her. And I was sitting in the theater trying to figure out who the fuck that was and why they were showing this new character, and it took until the next scene before I realized that it had been Katniss and I just hadn’t recognized her. It was because all the game-players were dressed the same, so I couldn’t differentiate by clothes.

I have also been known to not recognize people if they are outside of the context I know them in. Like, seeing a classmate at the mall. They’re telling me who they are, and I’m just looking at them like I’ve never seen them before in my life. This is apparently disconcerting. Sigh.

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