Rainy day that ended well

Yesterday I did nothing but finish plying the garnet merino, because in the morning I manhandled the Christmas tree into its box in the closet and pinched a nerve or something in the process.  I couldn’t move my left thumb, and I’m left-handed.  The plying didn’t require my thumb.  All other crafts did.  So I used heat and ice and rest, and I was back to normal by the end of the day.

Today… sucked.  A lot.  When I got up at 10:30 it had recently rained.  I took a shower and picked up subs for lunch.  We ate, the ladies finished getting ready, and off we went to see the Valkyrie’s pain doctor.

Getting treatment for pain management in Florida sucks because our state has had a lot of pill mills.  People who actual have chronic pain suffer more as a result of the draconian laws enacted to stop the mills.  Every month we go to her doctor’s, having to act almost subservient just to keep the doctor from changing prescriptions for no other reason than their whims, or else their fear of the DEA.  Last month V’s doctor reduced her main medication because she felt like it.  So today we had to beg for it back to the old level, because V has been in such pain that she screams just from rolling over in bed.  And it’s hard to ask for a higher dosage without fearing that they’ll think you’re “drug seeking” and some junkie.  It’s truly awful.

The Naiad hadn’t been to the doctor with us yet.  Before we left the house V and I had had… not an argument, exactly, but I was afraid of the doctor’s office denying her treatment over her being trans.  I’m still afraid of it.  So the Naiad was stressed about being trans herself, and then it was pouring rain so hard on the freeway that I could barely see in front of me.  V has PTSD from a car accident that happened on the same freeway during a storm, so she was having panic attacks even with the Ativan.  By the time we got to the doctor’s, everyone was tense and miserable, and then the physician’s assistant forgot to get one of V’s prescriptions signed before she left for the day.  So on the drive home we had no idea if the nurse would even get around to calling in the medication, which V needed todayif possible.

We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home.  Ice cream isn’t a cure-all, but it certainly helps.

It all worked out.  I dropped off the girls and went to two pharmacies — our usual one, for V’s medication (which got called in on time, whew), and the compounding pharmacy, for my T.  Came home, ate a quick dinner, and went back out (still raining) to feed BFF’s cats.

I didn’t get to take my shoes off until after eight.  I put on my pajamas and have been knitting ever since.  While we were at the doctor’s for almost two hours, I finished a scarf from handspun:

Handspun one-row scarf, given to Z.

I showed the Naiad.  She said it was beautiful.  I handed it to her.  She was overcome by the squooshy merino softness.  Tentatively, she asked if she could rub her face on it, “if that wasn’t too weird.”  I had to laugh.  Sounds like every knitter I know.  I gave it to her.  She looks cute in it.

I started another Hitchhiker.

Pansy Hitchhiker, beginning

More handspun.  Should be pretty.

Right now I’m going to eat pizza, knit a little more, and then go to bed.  Tomorrow morning I’ll take my T for the first time.  And then go to the post office to mail a ginormous stack of packages (mostly handspun), and then go pick up my BFF from the airport.  she’s been gone a whole month and I miss her SO MUCH!

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