Hitchhiker scarf, and garnet merino handspun

The Hitchhiker scarf is done.

Hitchhiker scarf, finished

I greatly enjoyed knitting it, and I highly recommend the pattern.  I posted it to my favorite knitting forum and got two profitable responses: a person who wants to make one out of a different handspun colorway, so is buying two skeins off me, and a person who loves the color gradient so much she wants to buy the other skein of it I made.  I find it hilarious that I get these requests the day after I shut down my business.  Oh well.  If I make a profit of more than $400 (doubtful) I’ll file a new LLC registration.  I doubt it.  And I’m not advertising, just participating in a “show off your finished projects” thread.  I am content with this.

Speaking of handspun, I started plying the pound of garnet merino.  Here’s what a finished skein looks like.

Garnet merino 2-ply

I’m going to wind up with about 1300 yards of sport weight yarn.  I’m enjoying making larger quantities of a colorway, instead of only one skein per colorway.  It means I can make more than just hats and finglerless mitts with it.  Big shawls, or size small sweaters, or multiple things that match.  It’s nice.  The person who wants to buy two skeins for a Hitchhiker wants them in a colorway I did as a one-off:

Faire Day BFL

So I’ve asked the dyer to match the colorway for two more skeins (so they’re the same dye lot).  It’s nice having a working relationship with a dyer.  She’s the one who normally does a kilo at a time for me.  As I think I’ve mentioned before, I generally let her dye up whatever colors she likes and then spin the results.  She gets to experiment with color, and I get beautiful wool because she’s talented as fuck.  The next time I get a kilo, I’m going to ask for jewel tones — really saturated blues and reds and greens.  She can do whatever she wants with that theme.  The results should be cool.

All right, back to plying.  I’m going to try to blog more about what I’m working on.  I do like showing off my work!

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