Craft Project: Post-It note wallet

I wanted a little cover for a 3×3″ Post-It notepad, so I could slip it in my back pocket. So I cut two pieces of cardboard and taped them together with duck tape.


The square are actually about half an inch apart to make a hinge. I made a little strap with tape, and put Velcro on it and on the inside of the pad so it would stay closed on its own without the closure sticking in my back pocket.


I made a pocket on the inside to tuck the back of the notepad into. I used a piece of facing-out tape and covered to with tape facing the pad, and wrapped the edges around the back to make the pocket.


I rather like it. It’s flawed, because I am not a duck tape artist, but it’s suitable for my needs.


Add a Pilot Petit1 mini fountain pen in my front pocket, and I’m set for taking notes on the go. I think. Haven’t tried it out yet. If it doesn’t work, all I’m out is a cardboard box flap and two feet of tape. Experimenting is fun.

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