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Finished: Duck tape pen quiver

I made a black pen quiver for my fauxdori, and it’s quite nice.  Behold!

January_31__2015_at_0706PM (2)

January_31__2015_at_0706PM (1)


January_31__2015_at_0707PM (2)


January_31__2015_at_0707PM (1)


Here’s how I did it.

1) Cut tape strip long enough to go around the notebook cover with about 1″ of overlap.  Lay tape stitcky side up on your work surface.

2) Cut a strip long enough to go around the notebook cover with about 3″ of overlap.  Place sticky side down over piece #1 so the two sticky sides are together, with about an inch of exposed sticky side on either end.

3) Wrap tape around notebook cover and tape ends together.  Tape should be tight enough to stay in place, but loose enough to slide off with a little effort.  This piece will be known for the rest of this post as the quiver body.

4) Take the body off the notebook and lay it flat.  Lay two large-ish pens on it so you can see where you want to put the quiver front piece.

5) Cut fresh strip of tape long enough to go over the pens to the sides of the pen body, plus 0.5″.  Lay sticky side up on work surface.

6) Cut a new strip about 1.5″ longer than the face-up strip.  Place the two sticky sides together with the tape lined up on the sides, so that there’s about 0.75″ of sticky side on either end.  Place the tape so the sticky side is facing up.  This is your front piece.

7) Cut a piece of tape about 4″ long.  Put it face down and then lay the piece from step 6 on top of it like you’re making a cross.  Fold this 4″ piece around the front piece.  What you’re doing is reinforcing the edge the pen clips on, because an exposed edge of duck tape will buckle under the pen clip.

8) Now take your front piece and wrap it around the quiver body so that the ends of the front piece tape onto the back of the body.  Note: make sure you wrap it only around the front part of the body, because otherwise you’ll have taped your loop shut!

And you’re done!  I made mine in less than 10 minutes.  You might want to make a “rough draft” version first so you can get a feel for how the quiver comes together.  I know that making my prototype helped me a lot in making my final version.

If anyone makes this, leave a comment.  And, if you can, include a picture.  I’d love to see other quivers!

BFF update, and productivity

Turns out I may have overreacted with the BFF situation.  From her perspective, she told me she needed some time by herself for… some reason.  Which I don’t know yet.  She was not, as I thought, telling me to get out of her life. When I was freaking out about it on Facebook and unfriended her there, she thought I was telling her to get out of my life.  While I am still upset that she won’t come out and tell me why she’s upset until we meet in person next week, I can see where I was a bit rash in thinking it was over.  Also, it sounds like there’s some other shit going on in her life right now that’s hard to deal with, so that plays a factor too.  I expect all to be revealed next week.

That conversation started with her texting me out of the blue, by the way.  I’m so very glad she did, and that we’ve started sorting things out.  She told me to try to relax.  I will try.

In other news, the housekeeping fairy sent her dustmop arrow into my heart this evening, and I cleaned like a motherfucker.  I am ashamed to admit how messy I’d been lately, so let’s just say that I accomplished a huge task I’d been putting off and then did a whole bunch of other little things, all of which contributed to my head being clearer.  Amazing how decluttering a room can declutter the mind a bit.  I feel like I actually accomplished something today, which has been rare lately.

I’m tired but not sleepy.  I think I’ll do some spinning and then go to bed.

Pocket-size Fauxdori

The pocket size fauxdori from The Lemonade Parade came in today.  It’s quite nice, and I personalized it with some key charms from Michaels.

Fauxdori, with key charms

Fauxdori, with key charms

It looks kind of pink in the pictures, but really it’s more purple.  Silly nighttime, getting the way of good photo colors.  Anyway, I’m pleased.  My Field Notes notebooks and Moleskine Volant fit into it just fine, and it was easy to put in my bookmarks and extra elastic.  I like it.

I just don’t understand what I did wrong.

I keep thinking about my BFF, and wondering what I could have possibly done wrong.  I couldn’t have killed her cat, I never did anything but clean the litter box and feed them food from the right bag and/or cans (depending on cat).  She had left the toilet in her bathroom running when she left; I didn’t hear it when I was over there, as I had no reason to go in there, but because I hadn’t heard it I was prepared to pay for part of her water bill.  I don’t think I said anything bad, but if I did she should know me well enough to know I wasn’t being mean, just maybe thoughtless.  My MIL (who was also friends with BFF) thinks BFF was jealous of my friendship with the Naiad.  I don’t think BFF is that petty.  So what did I do wrong?  She’s never going to tell me, she’s never going to speak to me again, and it hurts so much I just burst into tears sometimes when I think about it.  We were so close.  I would have never hurt her on purpose.  I’m sorry, I’m repeating myself, I’m just in a lot of pain.  I miss her.

Musings on task list symbolism

I saw a link to the Dash/Plus method of marking to-do item lists.  I think it’s a nice, simple idea, and I plan to use it. I do want to add one thing to it, though: drawing a box around the dash to indicate that the thing is a priority item.  Otherwise I’d have to put a star or something next to the dash to indicate priority, and that would just take up an extra grid space.

I’ve been writing down to do lists in my Field Notes notebook, and I find myself grouping things by GTD context out of habit.  Errands and phone calls at the top, just under the list of appointments for the day, and stuff to do at home on the bottom of the page.  So that seems pretty simple too.  I’ve been adding my little context symbols, but I don’t think I need to since I’ve been grouping stuff.

I’ve got the Field Notes Ambition Edition, as I wanted the weekly planner.  Not for appointments, but to keep track of tasks that have to be done on a certain date.  I’m thinking about using the ledger book for my to-do lists, after I finish filling up my current FN Pitch Black book.

So my system keeps evolving, and it’s rather fun to play with.  Yay for pens and paper!

Feather Fin and Downtown Cowl

Fiber arts update time!

I’m not really thrilled about how this Downtown Cowl came out, but it’s very soft and warm, so my friend Kess (who sent me the fiber I spun and knit into this cowl) will hopefully enjoy it.

Downtown handspun cowl for Kess, finished

This is some Polwarth I traded a skein of finished yarn for.  I love it, and need to figure out something to make myself from it.  The Naiad said it reminded her of a book she read as a child, called Feather Fin.  So the yarn colorway is named that now.

Feather Fin Polwarth

Today I started spinning this merino, in the WishFox Dyeworks colorway “Faire Day,” for someone who actually paid me to make them the yarn.

Faire Day merino braids

And I started a Freesia shawl for the Valkyrie and the Naiad to share, out of handspun merino.  It’s nothing really worth looking at yet, but here is the beginning for posterity.

Garnet Freesia, beginning

I’m not a fan of knitting lace, but this edging is very easy to memorize, and I can look at what I’ve done and see where I am.  And I think it’s going to look cool.  See the above link to the Freesia pattern to see what a completed one looks like.  It’s stunning.

I still haven’t warped my loom.  Must do that tomorrow…

False alarm, I guess.

Never heard back from BFF after she said she wanted to get together.  Ex-BFF, I guess.  I don’t want to give up on her, but she seems to have given up on me.  Makes me really sad.  I still wonder what I did wrong.  I miss her so much…