Pilot Coleto is awesome.

Pen company Pilot makes a multi-pen called the Coleto, usually only available in Japan but JetPens imports them.  You buy a pen body and then whatever colors you want to fill it with, and it’s actually the multi version of the Hi-Tec-C (my favorite gel pen).  I got the 3-color and 4-color bodies.   The 4 is too large for the pen loop on my planner, but the 3 fits perfectly.  I wanted it for my planner because I have appointments for three people to keep track of, and it’s easier to color-code the appointments.  The Coleto is perfect for this.  Also, it’s really cheap.

I don’t really want to use a paper planner, but it’s backup for my iPhone.  My appointments keep disappearing from iCloud.  Not cool.  So paper backup it is…

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