Doctor’s office made me cry.

When I saw my gynecologist two months ago, she said I might want to consider a hysterectomy because I rarely have periods and can’t take hormones to fix it.  She said to call her if I wanted it.  I thought about it a lot, and decided yes.  So I called Friday and left a message asking for a referral.

The woman who called me back today with the doctor’s name made me feel awful.  Apparently the doc forgot our conversation and wrote the referral as being for transgender-related reasons and not medical.  I told the office person about the medical conversation, and she didn’t believe me because the doc hadn’t put it in her notes.  And then she started grilling me about why didn’t I use a gyn who lives near me (because I want one who knows about trans issues, dammit), and how I don’t really need a hysterectomy because I can take hormones, and then wouldn’t believe me when I said hormone changes have made me suicidal and psychotic in the past.  Finally she said she’d talk to the doctor, but by that point I was crying because she was acting like I didn’t know what I was talking about.  Note that this was an office worker, not a doctor, and she had no fucking right to behave like that on the telephone.  Maybe I’m extra-sensitive because I didn’t get any sleep, but what the hell?  I’m telling the doctor next time I go in.  Fuck.

One thought on “Doctor’s office made me cry.

  1. Ian Avery

    This is really awful. You should write some letters to the doc, office, and anyone else you can think of. This woman is a royal bitch. Write her a letter too. There may be other trans men who see this doc for the same reason you do and she may be doing this bullshit to them as well. She could really do a lot of damage. Can I just kill her? Kidding. Sort of.


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