Achievement unlocked: 3-ply yarn

I made sweater yarn!

Potash BFL 3-ply

The sweater won’t be this color, but I am absolutely delighted to find that three of my “default” singles, spun worsted style, make a perfect 3-ply light worsted weight yarn that is to motherfucking die for.  (“Worsted” in knitting-speak is a yarn thickness.  “Worsted” in spinning-speak is a description of the yarn’s construction.  Confusing, I know.)  It’s BFL wool, smooth but squishy and with excellent stitch definition, and holy mother of god the sweater I’m planning will be the comfiest thing ever if I can get gauge on just the right pattern.

I overplied it a bit to make it wear better.  I’m going to knit up a swatch and stick it in my pants pockets for a week to see if it pills much or, worse, falls apart.  Probably not, because it’s BFL, but I wanna make sure it’ll be okay before I spin a sweater quantity of yarn.  It’s not so much the wasted effort I care about, because spinning is fun, but the wasted money would piss me off forever.  That swatch is going to go through hell before I buy any wool for a sweater.  When I hand wash it (a few times) I’m going to be a little rough (not felting levels of rough, just not being very gentle).  And before that, when I wash the yarn I’m going to full it a little to make sure it’s even harder-wearing.

I won’t be doing this until after Giftmas, but it doesn’t hurt to start looking at patterns and thinking about colors, right?  I want a cardigan.  V-neck.  Not raglan shoulders.  I need to think about colors, too.  Hmmm….

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