Crafting fail: cardigan edition

A few months ago I posted on my favorite knitting forum that I wanted to make myself a cardigan.  I got talked into using sport-weight yarn, which is fairly thin.  I am a six foot tall guy with broad shoulders and (unfortunately) boobs.  Why I listened to the forum members is beyond me.  I tried five times to knit a sweater with it in the last week, and hated every one of them.  Large-size patterns in that yarn weight are hard to come by, and I didn’t like them.  So I tried designing my own and didn’t like that either.  So fuck it, I’m going to sell the unused skeins.  Because I am sick of trying.  After I finish my Giftmas knitting I’ll make myself a sweater out of some worsted weight yarn, because there are a zillion of those patterns and they won’t take me twenty years to knit.

I am also kicking around the idea of making myself a handspun sweater.  It’s not as huge an undertaking as it sounds, because I spin fast.  It takes 1,700 to 2,000 yards of worsted weight yarn for a sweater in my size, depending on the pattern.  I can make 200 yards in a day or two on my wheel.  So I could easily spin up the yarn in less than a month.  The hard part is keeping the yarn a consistent thickness.  I can do that easily with my “default” yarn (the one I make without putting too much thought into it, as it’s muscle memory).  That ranges between sport and DK, depending on a couple of factors.  So I need to practice making worsted.  I have a pound of commercially dyed merino I got cheap; maybe I’ll practice worsted with that.  I’d like to get enough dyed BFL to make a sweater with that, but I haven’t found a source of inexpensive BFL and I don’t want to make a $150 sweater.  I’ll keep an eye out, I guess.  I’d need about a kilo of wool, according to my calculations.  Crap, it’s going to be a $150 sweater, isn’t it?  Shit.

UPDATE: A friend just inspired an idea — spin default singles, but do a 3-ply yarn instead of a 2-ply.  Then my fingers will make consistent yarn without me having to monitor them for 2,000 yards.  I didn’t think of that on my own because I’ve never done a 3-ply that wasn’t chain-plied.  I’m going to try it with the current BFL I’m spinning to see if I get the yarn thickness I want!

Also, I found a place where I can get a kilo of BFL for $68.  I’m investigating the quality before ordering, but I think I’m going to have a purple sweater sometime in the next few months…

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