Spanish Peacock spindles

Oh.  Ohhhhhh.  Oh yessss.

Spanish Peacock Spindles

(Photo by the Spanish Peacock)

That skeleton top whorl?  It’s like the spinning part of my brain had an orgasm.  It spins like a dream and rotates forever and it feels wonderful in the hand.  Using it is a near-religious experience.

The other is a Tibetan-style supported spindle.  I’m still learning to use it, but I’m enjoying it so far.  It fits wonderfully into my pencil box, along with a matching lap bowl (from another vendor; bought it before I ever heard of the Peacock) and some fiber.

Tibetan supported spindle in my Hello Kitty pencil box.

It’s a Hello Kitty box.  Leave me to my self-delusion that I bought it because it was the only box the right size.

Hello Kitty travel spinning box

My only worry is that I’ll break them.  But I will be careful, because I adore them!

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