Too much to do, too crazy to do it

I’ve been in pretty bad shape the last few days.  It sucks.  I haven’t been depressed, thankfully, but I’ve been seeing things that aren’t there and having weird thoughts.

My Woolee Winder arrived yesterday, supposedly fixed.  But now it won’t screw into my wheel.  Maybe the maker replaced the shaft and the one he used is too small?  It just flops around in the hole instead of screwing in.  I emailed the maker about it.  Should heard something tomorrow.

On Friday I decided to go ahead and start spinning some singles, which I could then ply with the WW.  But since I can’t do that, I’m plying with the Ashford standard flyer instead.  I may have to have a knot in the middle of the skein because I’ll be joining two (small) bobbins’ worth of yarn, but that’s acceptable.  I’ve got four ounces of finished yarn ready to skein, and I’m almost done with the singles from another braid, and I skeined up some other stuff…  I had to quit because my treadling leg was getting sore.  Got a lot done though.

I still haven’t warped for the Log Cabin scarf.  Need to do that tomorrow.  Also tomorrow, I need to get registered for school…

I have a very long to-do list but get so overwhelmed when I look at it that I run back to spinning because it’s soothing.  Otherwise I start panicking.  Ugh.

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