The Valkyrie goes bionic

My darling dearest is a cyborg now.  Yesterday a surgeon implanted a spinal cord stimulator in the center of her back, with a rechargeable battery pack put under the skin above her right butt cheek.  She gets to spend this week healing, and then next Wednesday the doctor fires up the electronics and the Valkyrie becomes The Bionic Woman.  Woo!

I was very, very impressed with the hospital we were at.  Ocala Regional Medical in Ocala, FL.  Everyone was kind and seemed competent.  V was able to come out as trans to her nurses and everyone called her by her correct name, not her legal one.  The nursing techs put a fold-out bed in the private room so I could get some sleep last night.  Her surgeon and anesthesiologist knew what the fuck they were doing and gave her pain medication that actually worked.  (When she had surgery in March, the surgeon we were stuck with was a nice guy but knew fuck-all about medicating patients with chronic pain.  5mg of codeine just does not cut it for someone who’s spent the last 12 years on opioids.  V spent a lot of time screaming in pain that week.  Fucker.)  Hell, even the food was decent.  We were amazed and impressed, and we will definitely be writing a letter to the hospital to thank them for the excellent care.

Despite having an acceptably comfortable bed to lie on last night, I still only managed a couple of broken hours of sleep.  I have apnea, and I didn’t take my CPAP machine because I figured I’d be sleeping upright in a chair.  Between helping the Valkyrie, being in a strange place, and the apnea waking me up, I was exhausted by morning.  At this point I’m too tired to sleep.  We didn’t leave the hospital until 2pm.  I’m a zombie.

On the positive side, I got about 1.5 ounces of wool spun up on my mediumweight Snyder spindle.  It was very comforting to work on while V was in surgery, and I kept at it after we got to her room.  It was nice to Skype with friends, and watch videos on her iPad, and generally relax after what had been a tense day.  I had been worried she was going to die.  She was worried she’d wake up paralyzed to some degree.  But she came through with flying colors, and it was a relief to be up in her room with nothing to do but chill out and let her heal some.

Fingers crossed that everything will heal correctly, and that her cyborg implants will be successful!

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