My mother-in-law, the martyr

My MIL’s favorite thing in the whole world is to complain.  She complains to everyone about everything.  If there’s a lull in conversation she starts in about her ex-husband.  Who is, admittedly, a huge douchebag.  But we don’t need to talk about him multiple times a day two years after the divorce.

But that’s not the point of this post.  The point is that she’s told her friends I do absolutely nothing to help around the house.  And I’m royally pissed off.  I do everything she asks me to.  Occasionally I will forget something, and need to be reminded.  At which point I do it.  And it’s hard to help when I have bad mental health days, but I do everything I can even then.  So it makes me angry that her friends think I lay around the house and expect her to wait on me.  That is such bullshit, but her hobby is complaining so she complains to them about me too despite my not deserving it.

I help her because she helps me.  We’re a family.  It hurts like hell that she would give a bad impression of me to her friends so that she looks like a martyr.  Poor, poor MIL, nobody helps her with anything and she has to do everything herself, and please give her all sympathy she craves.  Goddamn I’m pissed.  I know she’s told her ex, the Valkyrie’s dad, that she does everything herself and that I’m irresponsible.  But his opinion doesn’t matter because he’s an asshole I don’t have to see regularly.  MIL’s friends?  I see them a lot.  And they all have a low opinion of me because she can’t say one kind word about anybody.  Fuck.

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