Loki and Eris will be 5 months old on Sept. 22.  They went to the vet this morning for surgery pre-op, for their neutering.  Loki weighed 8lb 6oz, and Eris weight 7lb even.  HUGE BABBIES!!!  The vet said they’re going to be monster cats.  They’re not fat, they’re just enormous.  They also had their last vaccine and their nails got clipped.  Vet said they’re in perfect health, and that we should keep doing what we’re doing for them.

One concern I have is that Loki learned how to jump the baby gate last night.  I was standing in the kitchen and heard this little “mew.”  Dropped everything and ran to check, and yes, Loki was downstairs.  The cat gate was knocked a bit sideways and he’d gotten out.  I fixed the gate and put him back… and he jumped it.  MIL, BFF, and BFF’s niece, who were all at the kitchen table, came to see him on the stairs.  He flopped over on a step and preened, the little hussy.  He got scritches and lots of cooing and he just ate it up.  Eventually I took him upstairs and put both kittens in the bedroom, door shut.  I’m worried about them not being chipped and getting out of the house.  Oh well, we’ll just have to be careful…

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