Achievement unlocked: crocheted edging

I have been struggling since I got my pin loom, trying to figure out how to join squares together using crochet.  I was trying different ways but didn’t like anything I saw online.  So this morning I shelled out for Margaret Stump’s book on pin looms, and I figured it out after reading her section on joining.

(The piece below is actually a perfect square. I was having trouble getting the photo angle right.)

Square with single crochet border.

It looks exactly the way I want it to.  I’m putting a single crochet edge on every square, and then stitching them together to make the shawlette/kerchief/thing.  Fortunately my crochet skills, which I haven’t used in 20 years, are not completely gone.  There are some other joining methods I’ll be trying on future projects, too.  I don’t really like the projects in Stump’s book — like, I am never making a set of dolls that look like an Amish family — but there’s some good info on how to do things.

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