My spinning wheel mojo has returned!

I didn’t touch my spinning wheel for weeks, having been bitten by the spindle bug.  But a week ago I picked up a braid of BFL wool from my stash, and next thing I knew I’d spun around almost 1,000 yards in five days.  I had to refrain yesterday because my bobbins were full, but I woke up at 5am today (because I fell asleep at 10:30 last night) and started plying.  Wound up with 487 yards of finished yarn.  Not bad for a morning’s work.  Most of it is going to an online friend I want to flirt with.  (Handspun is a great way to pick up knitters.  Heh.)  And then I washed it, along with several other skeins (spindle and wheel both), and now my shower is full of yarn on coat hangers.  The bathroom smells like wet wool.  I keep going in there just to smell it.  So, so good.

Anyway, this afternoon I sent offers of yarn to a couple of people I know who are going through rough times.  I had also told someone I’d send her some mini skeins for her to use for baby booties.  I was looking through my fiber stash and had an idea.

I have two braids of a colorway that’s pink on one end and blue on the other.  If it takes around 20g to make a set of baby booties, I can spin four 50g skeins and have gradients in both traditional colors in the same skein. Two sets of booties — one for each sex — in a single skein! I don’t believe in the traditional baby colors, but some people do. So I’m thinking about spinning up all four (not just the gift skein) and putting three on Etsy. Gimmicky, but a sale is a sale.

Speaking of which, I collected my basket of handspun from the yarn shop, where it wasn’t selling, and put it back up on Etsy.  Shop is here.  Need to get the store’s web site going again…

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