Less crazy, more crafting

I had a couple of near freakouts, but Klonopin and back scratches from the Valkyrie made them go away.  Had therapy, and my therapist is very impressed with my attitude towards the symptoms I’m currently experiencing.  She made a couple of suggestions for things that might help, like writing down my thoughts with pen and paper when I’m feeling anxious because it’ll slow my thought processes down some.  So that was good.  And then I had a nap.  I like naps.

After dinner I decided to do some crafting.  I had decided that the black and silver blanket is going to be mine, so I finished the fourth panel tonight.  No need to make a matching pillow, because I’m going to replace the ratty old leno lace cotton blanket I use in bed.  Already have a bed pillow!  I gave all the pieces to my MIL so she can stabilize the ends on her sewing machine.  I’ll hand-sew the pieces together, have her add a fleece binding, and it’ll be done.  Woo!

I also finished the second ply of Wishfox “Island Nights” BFL, which looks similar to this:

And finished a MIRLA bitty batt skein:

As if that wasn’t enough, I also finished the first ply of yarn with the wool below, started a second ply:

I have ordered the yarn for my next weaving projects.  While I wait for it to come in I’m going to finish the knitted cowl in progress and do some more pin loom squares.  I’m looking forward to warping my big loom again.  I want to do something quick, fun, and without sewing.  Happily my next three projects all fit the bill!

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