My heart isn’t bad. Whew.

Doctor results: heart palpitations aren’t going to kill me.  May have to see a cardiologist, though, depending on lab results next week. Lab tests include thyroid, a1c, liver function, etc. because I need all those regularly thanks to psych meds.  And I have antibiotics for my persistent bronchitis.

I really like the doc I saw today.  The Valkyrie has seen him, and I was there for that and liked him.  My opinion was reinforced today.  I asked him to be my new primary doc, and I told him I’m trans.  He said his BFF is gay, and he lives with BFF and his boyfriend.  I knew he’d be okay with it.  He’s mellow.  This means I’m out to all my medical people — primary, gynecologist, and psychiatrist.  Awesome!

Oh, and speaking of psychiatrists — tonight I start my lower dose of Invega.  If I start acting weird or posting abnormal content, let me know because I need to monitor this shit.  Oh, psych meds, how I hate/love you…

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