Not getting shit done

My to-do list is massive. :( And I haven’t done shit the last couple of days.  Between depression and still having trouble with bronchitis or whatever the fuck this is, I haven’t even wanted to leave the house.  I have left, but did not want to.  I’ve also been sleeping too much.  Sigh.

I did chat for a bit with two old friends on Facebook today, and I made a new friend via Tumblr.  And I joined a trans non-binary group.  So at least there’s that.

Tomorrow — okay, technically today at this point — I have an appointment with my psychiatrist.  I’m going to talk to her about the Invega making me put on 50 pounds in the last 10 months.  I’m not thrilled with changing my meds, but no matter how much effort I put into eating right I’m still steadily gaining weight.  I had lost 30 pounds when I first got on that medication.  This is not normal.  So wish me luck.

3am.  Bedtime, even though I’m not tired.  The babbies will wake me at 8:00, as always…

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