Attack of the crazypants

Yesterday I was really tense for most of the day.  The Valkyrie was struggling with depression and accidentally triggered my PTSD, so I was freaking out and she was freaking out and we were both just miserable.  And because I felt so bad I decided I didn’t deserve to take my meds, so this morning I’m a basket case.  Fuck.  I took my morning meds 15 minutes ago.  Hope I feel better soon.  I’m freaking the Valkyrie out too.  Sigh.

Today I have a bunch of packages to get in the mail.  Well, UPS for a lot of them.  I still haven’t sent the Ashford loom out, and I have a couple of Amazon returns to do.  And return some yarn to Paradise Fibers.  And mail some destashed fiber I sold a few days ago.  Okay, need to stop thinking about all that, getting tenser.  I’ll deal with it today, just not right now.

God.  I’m freaking V out so much she needs to not be in the same room as me.  And here I thought I was feeling better…

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