Samplers and pin looms

I got my pin loom in the mail Thursday.   I made a few test squares with different yarns, then decided to try some sock yarn.  the results have been amazing.

After I made the first couple I decided to do the whole skein and then assemble the squares into a small shawl or scarf.  I’ve made… 25?… so far and I’m really enjoying myself.  I can do a square in 11 minutes and bam, instant gratification.  It’s also very relaxing.

Yesterday I met my family for brunch and gave my sister the wall hanging I made.

A friend on Tumblr said “I LOVE THIS!!! This is stunning. This is the most beautiful woven thing I’ve ever seen. Have you always been able to do this, or is this something new?”  Since I can’t reply to her there, I’ll reply here.

First of all, thanks for the compliment.  I don’t think it’s the most beautiful woven thing ever, but I’m pretty proud of it.  I’d never done any of those designs before.  I have The Weaver’s Idea Book by Jane Patrick, which shows a whole bunch of fancy stuff that can be done with a rigid heddle loom, and I just tried some out while making this sampler.  They were great fun to play with.  I repeated a couple of techniques because they tied the piece together more, and I liked the dramatic look of the openwork.

I want to make another of these, experiment with different colors.  Hmmm.

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