It never lasts, does it?

Sunday I did pretty well, emotionally.  Monday I started sinking.  Tuesday I spent a lot of time crying.  Today I could barely wake up, and when I was awake I was super-tense.  Fuck me.

I’m doing some cool weaving, though: that sampler for my sister.  I’ll post pics after I’ve given it to her Saturday.  I’ll have it finished tomorrow, and wet-finished in time for Saturday lunch.  It looks amazing and I may have to make myself one (different but similar).

I’ve been hanging out on a rigid heddle weaving forum, and some people got to talking about pin looms.  They were popular from the 30’s to the 60’s.  They’re very small looms, 4×4″ on average, and in 15 minutes you can make a square (or other shape).  Sew them together, and you can make just about anything.  When I heard about these my ears perked up, not just because it’s a way to weave on the go but also because a square takes about 8 yards and I have a lot of tiny skeins of handspun laying around.  Perfect!  I asked about handspun on a pin loom, and had a few people say it’s a great way to use up odds and ends.

The site I linked to above has several scans of vintage loom patterns and weaves.  You can do a lot of different types of weaves using weft floats, twill, and even ribbing of a sort.  So the squares don’t all have to be identical plain (tabby) weave.  There are some that look like right angles and wide straight bits, and I’d love to make a bunch of squares that look like a maze when put together.  the scanned booklets have given me lots of ideas.

So yes, a cheap pin loom will be arriving tomorrow.  It’ll give me another way to distract myself from my stupid fucking depression…

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