First weavers’ guild meeting

This afternoon I went to my first meeting of the semi-local weaving guild.  They were having an auction today (tools and yarns, mostly), and there was a “free but please give a donation” table.  which is how I came home with a 16×24″ Navajo loom.  Thankfully I only need to buy one very cheap piece of equipment to use it.  (A $12 batten, if you’re curious.  I already have a tapestry fork.)  I also got an ebook on the subject and am reading it, and I ordered a bunch of cheap solid-color worsted wool mini-skeins to use in my tapestry.  (Really cheap: $2.50 for 44 yards.)  The loom came with an empty warp on it, and I’m studying it before I try anything myself.  Navajo looms were originally designed for rugs, but this one is a nice size to use for basic tapestry weaving and I’m going to try that.  The only problem is that it’s upright, not at an angle, but I can lean it against the wall or something.

As far as the guild itself goes, the majority of members were older white women, but there were a few people sprinkled here and there that were not in that category.  I felt a little out of place, but most everybody was really nice to me, and they seemed to have a good sense of humor.  (The only person with a stick up her ass was the other visitor, who looked disgusted at having to share the elevator with me.)  The auction was hysterically funny at times, and I had a great time.  I will definitely be returning for next month’s meeting!

The only crafting I’ve done is knitting during the meeting, and about 15 minutes of spindle plying.  But I’m about to sit down at my loom and fix that!

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