Pure energy!

(Sorry, flashbacks to Information Society…)

I woke up about nine this morning, and somehow was in the mood to do ALL THE THINGS.  I had a to-do list that was 21 items long. (I use Toodledo for my task management, by the way, and it is Fucking Awesome.)  A lot of it was serious, like making doctors appointments, but a few things were fun, like buying a couple of albums I wanted.  I got all but two things done!  Plus I did a shitload of cleaning.  I found the floor in the den.  And the couch.  And my desk. And some other horizontal surfaces that I’d buried in crap.  Go me!  Tomorrow I want to clean up the place between the couch and the wall, where I keep my crafty stuff that needs to be handy when I work on a project.  I’m going to get a set of plastic drawers to put it all in; then I have everything within arm’s reach, but it’s not in a pile on the floor.  Speaking of which… there, now that errand is on my task list, and Joanns has a “30% off one item” coupon this week.  Perfect.

Unsurprisingly, all this resulted in no crafting today.  I’m going to finish up a plying job on my wheel after I finish writing this, and then there will be weaving until bedtime.  I’m going to try to go to bed by midnight and get up by nine.  I downloaded the Sleep Cycle app for my iPhone, and I’m going to use it tonight.  It would be nice to be up at a decent hour every day.

Tomorrow I have therapy, two errands to run (I have to mail out my old loom, and go to Joanns as mentioned), and cleaning to do.  Plus I want to exercise in the morning, and finally start the paperwork for my legal name change.  I really, really hope I have at least half as much energy as I did today.  It felt really good to get stuff done.

Oh, there’s a school update worth mentioning.  The dean of my college is letting me retake the class I failed as a Directed Study course, because it’s not available this year at a location near me.  This is awesome.  It’ll be October before I can start, but better late than never!

I also did spend an hour relaxing in bed with a book, covered in sleeping babbies.  It was lovely.  I finished Charles Stross’ The Atrocity Archives and immediately hunted down the second Laundry Files book.  So good.  I normally don’t read fiction, but I’m addicted now.

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