Weaving disaster

It’s so good that I had to buy extra cones of yarn for this blanket, and that said cones came in today.  Because boy howdy did I royally fuck up this warp.  Twice.

I was trying a method called “tying on.”  This is, simply, leaving on a little bit of the last warp and tying each strand of the new warp to strands on the old warp.  Weaving Daily‘s free ebook on the subject said that tying the knots is tedious but faster than doing a completely new warp.  I thought it sounded worth trying.

The previous warps for blanket panels #1 and #2 took almost two hours on the dot.  I was at 2.5 hours when I made my first mistake.  I had measured the warp in four bundles to make it more manageable.  I tied on the fourth bundle and went to snip the ends — and cut the middle instead.  I blame how worn out I was getting.  So that was 40 warp ends I had to throw out, and then measure and tie on new ends.

Then I went to roll the warp onto the beam, and… the knots won’t go through the holes in the heddle.  At all.  Slots yes, holes no.  Even with the knots tied as tightly as possible.  This is my own damn fault for eyeballing the size of the holes and not actually putting a knot through a hole as a test case before doing the whole warp.  I feel like an idiot.

After I take a break — a very long break that may last until tomorrow morning — I’m going to measure the newest part of the warp.  If it’s long enough, I can cut the knots and rethread the heddle.  If it’s not long enough, all that yarn gets thrown out.  Here, let me do the math…  180 ends times around 5.5 feet per end… that’s 330 yards.  That’s a lot of yarn to have to trash.  I hope I can use it.  Either way, I’ll be putting in at least another hour to do this warp. Sigh.  I’m chalking it up as a learning experience.

I’m going to have a margarita, read a book, and pet my kittens.  Because today is not a good day for weaving…

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