No Nerd Fest

I was going to go to the Orlando Nerd Fest and give Bunny from SPG the shawl I made her.  Didn’t happen.  The Valkyrie was in too much pain, so we stayed home.  We talked about going today instead, at least to catch her at her last autograph session and also see MC Frontalot perform.  But tickets for the day were sold out.  Tomorrow I’ll mail the shawl to Bunny and hope she likes it.

I admit, it was depressing to not get to go.  I wanted to see them in concert as well as giving the shawl in person.  But it’s okay.  The Valkyrie’s way more important to me.  She feels guilty, but I’m sure we’ll get the chance to see SPG again.  Maybe Nerd Fest next year.

The blanket for David is going to take more than the two cones of pearl cotton I bought for it.  Silly me, I thought two pounds of yarn would be enough.  This is getting expensive.  Here’s panel one, off the loom.

I’ve been kinda down and eating too much chocolate.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day…


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