Blanket panel 1/3 in progress

Once the loom was warped, I put in the waste yarn to space out the warp.


Then I started the actual weaving.


I’ve finished 24″ of 78″.


I really like this loom, the Schacht Flip. There are front and back cross beams that let the weaving sit on top of the loom, rather than down in it like on the Ashford. The front beam also allows me to make sure my weft is level and not going at an angle. The Flip is comfortable on my lap (leaning against a TV table), and weighs about the same as the Ashford despite being larger. I like the apron rod setup better, too. The only thing I preferred on the Ashford were the pawls. On that loom they’re round knobs and easier to manipulate and lock in place. But everything else about the Flip is wonderful. I’m really happy I chose this one.

When I finish panel #1 I’m going to try tying on the warp for panel #2. Should save me a lot of time. Using the direct warping method took about two-thirds the time as indirect warping, by the way. And it’s more comfortable to do because it’s harder to tangle up the warp ends that way. Slowly but surely I’m getting better at this!

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