The mysteriously growing loom

My 15″ Schacht Flip magically turned into a 20″.  10% off sale made the 20″ the same price as the normal 15″ price, and whoops, the 15″ got larger.  Totally magic, totally not my fault.

It’s be here Wednesday.  *greedily rubs hands together*

I haven’t done any weaving yet today, and it’s almost 8pm.  It’s been a rough day.  I had to go to the doctor again today about my bronchitis.  This was the third visit for the same complaint.  This time I got Flonase and some allergy meds.  I wanted to ask about what to do regarding the amount of gunk in my lungs, but the PA said, “I’ll be right back,” and then she never returned.  I got less than 5 minutes with her after a 2.5 hour wait to see her.  Sigh.  That office is normally not like this.  Somebody must have been out sick or something.  And then I had therapy, which was okay.  Got some ideas on handling the paranoia.

I’m still feeling kinda off, mentally.  Being sick plus no sleep plus stress = mental issues.  No fun at all.

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