Shawl panel update

A friend is very interested in this whole weaving thing, so here is another picture.  You can see where I did the warp spacing. As you may remember from yesterday’s Process of Warping post, spacing or separating the warp is when you weave a little with some waste yarn to spread the warp threads out evenly.


I got about two feet done today. Four left!

ETA: oh, yeah, forgot to mention — the cardboard tube on the cloth beam and the shelf liner I rolled up with the warp are doing wonderfully.  Seriously, it’s making my weaving frustration-free because the warp strands aren’t at different tensions.  When you have loosely tensioned strands mixed with tightly tensioned ones, you have to weave very carefully to make sure you don’t go over the loose strands when you’re supposed to be going under.  It’s a pain in the ass, and I’m not getting that at all with the new techniques.  Love it.

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