Loom swapping

I love my loom.  But it’s fucking huge.  And since my living space is two rooms on the top floor of a house, space is at a premium.  So I did some shopping around, and found a good deal on a Schacht Flip loom.  It’s 15″ instead of 16″ like my current model (an Ashford RH), but that’s not enough to be a big difference.  The awesome thing about it is that it folds up.  With the weaving-in-progress on it.  How cool is that?  Ashford makes a folding loom, the Knitter’s Loom, but it comes in 12″ (too small), 20″ (too wide), and 28″ (way too wide).  I’m very happy with the 16″ width, so a 15″ should work well.

The place I bought it from — Paradise Fibers — has a great return policy, so if I get it and don’t like it I’ll send it back.  If I do like it, I can sell my Ashford for almost what I paid for it.  I got the Ashford because it was cheaper, and it’s a great loom, but it’s become obvious that weaving is important to me and something I will do on a regular basis.  So it’s time to upgrade and get the surface of my desk back (because that’s where I have to keep the Ashford when I’ve got a project on it).  I’ll post pictures when it gets here.  All rigid heddle looms work the same way, more or less, so I won’t have much of a learning curve to start making stuff on it.  Also, by then I’ll have finished watching the weaving videos I want to see from Craft Daily, so I’ll theoretically be a better weaver.  I can’t wait.

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