I’ve finished four feet of the six that make up the shawl.  I’ve been learning a whole bunch from an Interweave weaving video set I’m watching.  I’m going to watch the rest (about 50 minutes) of it because Liz Gipson, the instructor, is going to show what to do to get two pieces of weaving to match up perfectly and then join them.  She’s making a small blanket.  The techniques will be the same (more or less) for any two or more panels of weaving made to be joined together, so I’m very interested so I make sure I do it right.

Speaking of blankets, I’ve been having paranoia issues again and while I am still making blankets I may just keep them at home and build a fort with them.  Heh.

I went to Michael’s with my MIL this evening.  I had felt fine all day but started feeling weird while shopping.  Over dinner I got bad enough that MIL had to drive us home in my car.  I’ve been taking my meds, I don’t deserve this…

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