Kittens update

The babbies officially have the run of the upstairs!  They had been just in the bedroom, and then a few days ago we started letting them in the hallway, and tonight we let them into the den.  They’re only allowed in here (den) when a human is in the room, because there are too many things that babbies could get into trouble with without supervision, but humans are usually in the den when humans are awake and not in the bedroom.  So babbies get to hang out wherever.  I was going to wait until I binge-cleaned the den, but I couldn’t take hearing them cry for us from behind the closed bedroom door.  So now they can be with us more or less whenever they want to be.

I have two concerns:

1) MIL’s two adult cats are going to wander upstairs sooner or later to meet the babbies.  I don’t expect any problems, but I’m anxious for their relationships to be good ones.

2) The Valkyrie and I will be gone 24 hours next Friday/Saturday.  We’ve never been away from home like that before.  It will stress the little ones out quite a bit, which makes me sad.  But I guess they’ll be okay.  MIL will happily feed them while we’re gone.  But I still worry.

I post tons of babby pictures to my Instagram, if you want to follow me.  Everything is babbies or fiber/textile stuff, if you dig that kinda thing!

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