Weave weave weave

I bought the yarn to make those light blankets for SPG and then like two hours later found out that a fellow fan club member is also making some (although hers are… crocheted, I think… and look heavier, and they’re round).  And then I started wondering if they have a pile of afghans and the like because many crafty fans have had the same idea.  ARGH.  I’m not sure what to do now.  *flail*  There are fewer weavers out there than there are knitters and crocheters, so perhaps they’ll appreciate something lighter weight?

Oh, I need to finish my warp today.  I didn’t get a chance today yet because we left the house at 8:45 this morning, didn’t get back until 3:00, and I desperately needed a nap because I only slept like three hours last night.  Warping after dinner!  I’d like to get the wrap finished by Tuesday at the latest so I have time to wet finish it.  Although it’s superwash, so I’ll probably just toss it in the washer on gentle.  I need to air dry it though, so it needs at least a full day before I give it to Bella on Friday.

ETA: It is 9pm and the warp is nearly done.  Needed a break though.   I’m annoyed at how long this is taking, but that’s mostly because I’m taking a lot of breaks because I still need a good night’s sleep.  And crap, J wanted progress pictures and I haven’t taken any yet.  Dammit.

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