Happy Valkyrie news, and kitten update

Wheels have been set in motion to get the Valkyrie a spinal stimulator implant, which might cut her pain levels in half.  FUCK YEAH.  First appointment in the procedure, a psych eval to make sure she’s competent to make the decision and operate the implant, is on the 11th!  From there she does a trial period of a few days, and if it works she’ll have surgery to put in the real thing.  I really, really, really hope this works.

We also went to the walk-in clinic.  She has an ear infection.  Yay for antibiotics.

Kitten news!  It’s time to clip the babbies’ claws.  They’re getting big and strong and their claws are tiny razors and they like to grab my feet while I’m sleeping.  OW.

Almost dinner time.  Hungry!


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