Upcoming: Steam Powered Giraffe!

Next Friday I get to see Steam Powered Giraffe in concert.  The paranoia is better, because my new friend Jen (whom I met on the SPG fan club forum) pointed out that David has blocked other innocent fans for no apparent reason.  So it’s him and not me.  Whew.  I’m going to get Bella’s shawl done this weekend so I can wet finish it and have it ready to give her on Friday at the autograph session.  Well, not actually give it to her.  Show it to her and offer to mail it to her, because the band has said they don’t have room in their suitcases for larger presents.  They have a PO box for fan stuff, and so if she likes it I’ll send it there.  I’m joking with Jen that the band will give me funny looks if I show up smelling like tequila, but that being a bit fortified before meeting them really would help.  Heh.  I’m not really going to do that, but it’s a nice thought.  SO NERVOUS.  But I’m glad I’m sane enough and reassured enough to go.  I hope it lasts!

When I send the shawl (if Bella likes it!) I’d love to include other handmade goodies, for the guys.  I could use some ideas.  Part of me wants to go overboard and make them light cotton throws on my loom, perfect for napping under on the sofa.  But seriously, that’s probably overkill.  The problem is that they don’t need anything warm because they live in San Diego.  Maybe I’ll ask for ideas on my crafting forum.  Although the throws really aren’t that hard if I tie on the new warps instead of rethreading the heddle.  Hmmm.  I know I live in Florida, so I should know what kind of things to make for fellow warm-weather fans, but I don’t make stuff for many men.  Handspun, handknit hats, maybe?  Hmmm.


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