It’s been a rough week.

I sorta stopped eating for a couple of days because I thought I didn’t deserve food.  I ate dinner but nothing else for three days.  As a result I got lethargic and confused and didn’t do much but sleep.  The confusion added to my paranoia and wow did that suck.  And I didn’t take my meds two nights in a row and…  yeah, I was a mess.  Today I’m better, though.  It was a rough start — the kittens got me up at 8am but I fell back asleep until 15 minutes before my 1pm dental appointment — but I went to the dentist anyway (just a cleaning, and they’re less than 5 minutes from my house) and have been okay since.  I’ve even gotten some stuff done.  Woo!

I have had appointments every day this week, and I had to reschedule the last three days’ worth because of all the mental fun.  So I’m extra glad I made today’s appointment.

Yesterday I had to go by the vet’s to pick up tapeworm meds for the babbies.  I don’t know how they could have gotten the worms, but they did have fleas when we adopted them.  They seem to be fine despite shedding bits of worm out their bums.  Gross.  We’ve been playing a lot with the fishing lure toy.  I had gotten them one when they moved in, but they weren’t that interested in it.  So I got one that makes a little rattle noise when I was at the pet store Monday night.  Oh boy do they love it.  So we’re playing at least once a day, sometimes more, for at least 15 minutes a session.  They’re eager to get out of the bedroom, and I let them run around in the hallway (with the baby gate at the top of the stairs so they can’t get out), but I’ve been too crazy to clean the den enough to let them  have the run of the entire upstairs.  I’ve got to do that over the next day or two.  Maybe now that I’m feeling better…

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