Adventures in cell phone service

We were paying $275 for three of us on AT&T.  Verizon had a better deal, better coverage in our area, phones that could all be hotspots, and iPhones very cheap.  Wednesday I signed us up online.  I think they thought I was an identity scammer because I was at their site through a VPN service, so they turned me down.  So today MIL and I went into the store to fix it.

We were there a little over three hours.  THREE.  Their system said they’d shipped us phones, which they hadn’t.  So we had to go through this whole thing.  And the sales guy said the only way to fix it and get our phone numbers switched over was for us to only have temporary numbers for a couple of days.  We said no way, we need to be able to have our real numbers work, and so he spent two hours on the phone trying to get it set up for us.

Around 2.5 hours we were all getting really tired, and Sales Guy said…  I forget what, but it made me ask him if our old phones would still work with our real numbers until the switch happened.  He said yes, and I got really mad.  He complained that it only would have taken 5-10 minutes to get it set up if we’d done it his way, with the temporary numbers.  I replied that it was his fault we didn’t do it that way, because he told us our phone numbers wouldn’t work for a couple of days.  I had asked him repeatedly about this, and he never bothered to mention the bit about our old phones still having our real numbers for a while longer.  He started giving me shit about how his way would have been better and I was pointing out that we would have done it his way if he had been straight with us and he started complaining about how long he’d been at work, implying that I had no right to say I was tired of being there.  I get it that he was stressed and frustrated, but it was his fault he had to do all that extra work.  I felt no pity, especially since he was getting really bitchy.  When he finally got everything fixed he didn’t even tell us to have a nice day.  What an ass.

At least I have a phone that holds all my music now.  That’s something, anyway.

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