BFF’s niece returns!

AC, the fourteen-year-old niece of my best friend, has returned to stay for an indefinite period of time.  BFF is happy about this, and so am I.  One, BFF is less stressed when she’s got a munchkin around to take care of.  Two, AC is a really cool kid and I’m looking forward to spending time with her.  She remembered an offhand comment I made when she visited a couple of months ago — that I’d never seen My Neighbor Totoro — and she brought the DVD with her because she wanted to show it to me.  How sweet is that?

Yesterday I got up at 8:30am due to hungry babbies.  I saw my vocational rehab counselor at 11:00.  I failed a class in spring because I was struggling with mental illness pretty bad for a couple of months.  Much to my relief, my otherwise stellar record allowed me to get funding to retake the class.  Whew!  I was so worried I’d be kicked out of the program or something.  But no, everything will be cool as long as my therapist and psychiatrist write letters saying I was sick but am doing everything I can to get better so I can finish school.  Not a problem.

Got home, went to lunch with MIL, and tried to save my crashing laptop.  I succeeded.  I did a full backup onto an external hard drive to be safe, and figured out what software was causing the issue.  Uninstalling it and upgrading to the new version seems to have taken care of that problem.  Now I have to diagnose an issue with my network adapter next time that goes haywire.  My laptop is 7 years old and has been very good to me.  I want to hang onto it a while longer if I can help it.

Speaking of tech, our cellular contract with AT&T is up, so we’re switching to Verizon.  32GB iPhone 5s’s for $149, hell yeah.  They’ll arrive tomorrow.  and then we can trade in our 4s’s for $100 gift cards.  Awesome!  My MIL is very sweet for getting us new phones.  Bonus is that Verizon allows all the phones to function as hot spots, so we don’t have to pay any extra for that.  Very cool.  this comes at a good time, as my iPhone 4s is not doing too well.  I used to be able to go three days without charging; now I have to charge in the middle of the day as well as overnight.

Anyway, AC’s flight got in at 9pm last night, and after we picked her up we got dinner, so I didn’t get home until after midnight.  Stayed up until 3-ish then crashed hard.  Aaaaaand got woken up again before 9:00 by the babbies.  Such a cute way to wake up, I can’t really complain.  although there was a nap this afternoon…  :D

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