This was a bad idea.

I am very good about getting a little obsessive over things I like.  I haven’t been part of a fandom in a couple of decades.  I don’t think it’s good for me.  Need to step back from all things Steam Powered Giraffe for a while.  The fan club forum is fun, and I like the people, but the band moderates the boards and it makes me feel uncomfortable to talk there because of a constant feeling that I must be being judged for everything I say.  It’s adding to my paranoia.  So I quit for now, even though there’s a couple of people I’d like to be friends with off the boards.  It doesn’t help that (band member) David Bennett blocked me on Twitter for the tweet I sent a few weeks back mentioning that his profile still referred to his twin as his brother.  I still don’t understand how this was bad, and it stressed me out a bit to think I’d pissed him off.  So yeah, I need other things to focus on besides antique robot bands.

One thought on “This was a bad idea.

  1. Shira

    His profile just says twin now, if that makes you feel better at all :) So even if he got mad at you in the moment, maybe you made a positive difference in the world anyway! (I hope this helps instead of making you feel worse about it)


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