Some happy stuff!

Today I woke up at 8:30 (thanks, hungry babbies).  Made five important phone calls (I lost a credit card somewhere in the house and had to replace it, I set up a dentist appointment, etc etc).  Got some packages prepped to go to the shipping place, mostly returns.  Had lunch with MIL.  Ran a zillion errands.  Remembered to take the recycling to the curb before it started raining.  I did pretty well.

This evening I focused on spinning.  Lots of spinning.  Interweave Press, producer of tons of excellent crafting content, had a one-day sale: three video downloads for $29.  Considering the videos are normally like $20 each, I scrounged up the dough.  I’ve wanted Abby Franquemont’s Respect the Spindle DVD for a couple of months now.  It hadn’t finished downloading, so I watched the first DVD of a two-parter on spinning cotton.  Then I tried out the methods on my takhli.

Not great, but a good start.  I need more practice.  I am bound and determined to get good at spinning cotton. The takhli can produce cotton yarn faster than a spinning wheel can.  I must do this.

When I started to get tired of practicing, I did some long draw with BFL on my lightweight Snyder spindle.

I am very pleased with that.

And I continue to work on plying my purple MIRLA batts.  Here’s the bobbin I’m storing the yarn on once it’s complete.

It’s so soft.  I just want to pet it.  In fact, I probably will, once it’s in skein form!

I’m also reading a book, frequently while I spin on my wheel.  (Haven’t done that today, though.)  It’s Susan Strasser’s Never Done: a History of American Housework.  It’s a feminist history of how women spent their days before modern appliances, and looks at how women were viewed and the relationships between different classes of women (like between wealthier women and their servants).  It’s quite fascinating.  I definitely recommend it.

So anyway, that was today.  I should sleep soon.  Have shit to do tomorrow!

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