Fear of the floodgates

Recently I’ve been wanting to try my hand at writing songs.  I’ve experimented a few times over the years, but I feel like music might be good therapy for me.  I don’t know that anyone will ever hear what I write, because I have the musical ability of a one-legged platypus, but I have a couple of melodies running around in my head and I want to play with that.

Except, I’m terrified.  Not that I won’t be able to do it.  I mean, I expect to be bad at it, but since it’s just a private endeavor I’m not worried about producing crap.  What I fear is the emotions involved.  The lyrics I want to write are about bad shit that’s happened, because the whole purpose of this exercise is to maybe find some way to express suppressed feelings.  God, it sounds stupid and emo writing this out.  Although the music would probably be angry, not whiny.  I hope it’s angry industrial or punk music.  I never get angry, it would be cool to do angry music.  Maybe I’ll try that, because it sounds more fun than mopey sad lyrics.  Actually, I have this bass line….

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