Long draw spindle experiment

I finished a 41yd test skein done long (woolen) draw with a Countess Ablaze custom blend (Merino/Finn/baby alpaca).  It was great fun and I’ll doing it again soon, but not with this fiber.  It’s a merino/finn/baby alpaca blend, and I can feel a whole bunch of fiber ends poking out and feeling itchy.  I’m glad I didn’t do more than a few grams without sampling first.  If I had done all 112 grams without testing the finished yarn first…  Yeah, that would have hurt a lot, because the fiber blend is soft as anything and not remotely itchy.  It will do much better with a worsted draw, because smoother yarn equals fewer fiber ends sticking out and making the yarn scratchy.

Long draw spindle test

It was spun on my 1.5 ounce Snyder spindle, which I adore.  I haven’t used it for a bit.  I think it’s going to become a dedicated plying spindle, since it’s a little heavier.

Tomorrow I’ll ply the singles from the MIRLA bitty batts.  That will be awesome.

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